Interact with Your Smartphone Using ION Eyewear's WeON Glasses

Interact with Your Smartphone Using ION Eyewear's WeON Glasses

by Yoav
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ION Eyewear has developed the WeON Glasses, the first glasses capable of interacting with smartphones and tablets through a Bluetooth 4.0 chip. These glasses look almost identical to standard eyewear. But they have a LED light, visible only to the user, which lights up in various colors and with different flashes to indicate what is happening in the electronic device.

Through the application available for Apple (iOS) and Android, users can choose when and how LED lights turn on: to indicate an incoming call, a new chat message, an email or SMS, an event in any of the user’s social networks, a meeting alarm, etc. Each of these notifications will be designated by color code chosen by the user, which will interact with mobile devices even when they are in silent mode.

But ION Glasses also have two buttons that make it possible to operate the smartphone or tablet remotely and thus take pictures and activate voice and video recorders, play or pause music, skip tracks back or forward, turn the volume up or down and pass presentation slides, etc.

Another interesting feature is that when the glasses are removed from a pre-defined radius, both beeps. A radar function in the tablet or the smartphone will indicate the exact location of the glasses. Likewise, if the smartphone or tablet is lost, a sound alert will be activated indicating the location of the device by clicking one of the buttons on the glasses.

WeON Glasses will offer a complete SDK, to allow developers to control the LED and the alarm buzzer sounds for notifications. This will allow WeON Glasses to be aligned with existing apps.

The glasses come equipped with a battery and are recharged like any other electronic device via a micro USB input, camouflaged under a temple, which also includes the Bluetooth 4.0 chip and buzzer.

For WeON Glasses, design is at least as important as technology. This is why they have invested much money and time to develop a comfortable and fashionable design, and they have chosen a leading glass manufacturer, with many luxury brands in its portfolio, to produce the frames of the WeON Glasses. They also feature the brand’s logo, which, if the user wishes, can light up in a range of colors.

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