Outdoor Technology Turtle Shell Wireless Boom Box

Outdoor Technology Turtle Shell Wireless Boom Box

by Yoav
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The Outdoor Technology Turtle Shell is a go anywhere wireless boom box that's built for action. Can you clip it to your bike while blasting down a trail at 40mph? Hell yeah! Can you clip it to your kayak while tumbling through F4 rapids? You know it! Can you clip it to your jacket while carving a snowy half pipe? Mos def! Can you clip it to your picnic basket while eating a plate of brie and sliced apples? Uh.sure, but you'd better do something freakin' awesome afterwards.

The Turtle Shell features a rugged design that's water resistant, making it perfect for your next beer pong championship. It features a built-in mic for phone calls from your buddies making fun of your cheese-and-fruit-fest as well as dedicated buttons for volume/skip, play/pause, and answer/hang up. You get 9-10 hours of Hi-Fi sound or talk time as well as kickin' bass and two directional drivers for sound you can clearly hear through the whistle of wind over your helmet. It has a range of up to 33-Feet from any Bluetooth-enabled device, a 3.5 mm jack for optional plug-in functionality, and is accessory ready.

The Turtle Shell is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and includes a USB to mini-USB charging cable. It Measures 5.5-Inch by 3.5-Inch by 2.5-Inch and weighs 0.75 pounds. Conforms to IPX-5 dust and water resistance standard.

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