Seiki U-Vision HDMI Cable

Seiki U-Vision HDMI Cable

by Yoav
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Most Hollywood movies are produced in 4K Ultra HD but delivered to consumers as HD or lower resolution content. With the new generation of 4K Ultra HDTVs now on the market, the challenge is to transform this legacy content into enhanced 4K digital entertainment experience for the living room.

To help consumers experience the best digital entertainment content on 4K Ultra HD TVs, Seiki has introduced the U-VISION line of 4K up-conversion HDMI accessories that optimize current HD and non-HD content for 4K Ultra HD screens. Available as a standalone HDMI cable or HDMI up-conversion adapter without cables, U-VISION products integrate Marseille Networks VTV-1222 video processing chip to transform legacy content into sharp, detailed 4K video. Seiki U-VISION 4K up-conversion DGMI cable and adapter are the first accessory products to deliver the Hollywood video experience certified by the Technicolor 4K Image Certificiaton Program.

Technicolor’s rigorous certification program validates detail enhancement, edge restoration, noise reduction and up-conversion to create optimal digital entertainment experience in the home with HD content. The Marseille VTV-1222 patented video processing technology provides unparalleled image enhancement and 4K up-conversion for use with the latest 4K Ultra HD TVs, it has successfully passed the certification.

Designed for use with 4K Ultra HDTVs
Up-convert Full HD content into high-quality 4K Ultra HD
Improves picture quality of HD video content
Performs real-time detail enhancement, edge restoration and noise reduction

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