Balolo: World's First Genuine Wood Cover for Your PlayStation 4

Balolo: World's First Genuine Wood Cover for Your PlayStation 4

by Yoav
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Balolo has created the worlds first and only wooden cover for the PlayStation 4. The wood cover is only .7 mm thin and precisely cut to fit every detail of your PlayStation. All balolo wood covers are 100% Made in Germany. State of the art craftsmanship will make any PlayStation one of a kind.

Wood Options

● First 1000 pieces sold will be engraved with a serial number and come in a wooden box.
● Made in Germany
● You can compose the wood types as you prefer.
● You want to apply the wood cover to your existing PS4? No problem, simply choose the option "Wood Cover (without PlayStation 4)" and you`re good to go.
● You want us to apply the wood and send you a fully equipped PS4? Then choose the option "Wood Cover (including PlayStation 4)
● Testings have not shown any critical changes in temperature.

All balolo wood covers a made from natural wood. The grain will vary which makes each piece truly unique. balolo also states that unless noted otherwise you will receive a German Plug with your PlayStation 4. The delivery time of the wooden cover including the PlayStation 4 will depend on the supply ability of Sony. Due to the huge worldwide requests the delivery time will be 14-21 days. popup=false width=640

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