Control Your Home Thermostat with Zstat

Control Your Home Thermostat with Zstat

by Yoav
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A new company, Zstat recently launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to produce “A WiFi/BT thermostat designed for everyone.” The small ultra low power device replaces your standard round thermostat and other thermostat types to a smart, Internet connected thermostat. It even has a 6-12 month or longer expected battery life.

Zstat allows users to control/schedule the unit with their phone and it can be installed in over 95% of all home or building types. The White-S and metal finish models come equipped with back up smoke, carbon monoxide and air quality sensors to serve as a back up safety device by alerting your though app, email or SMS if dangerous levels of the sensors are detected.

Built in Bluetooth low energy allows the device to know when you are home or away and can create an automatic schedule and other energy saving features for you. “Save $40-$400 per year just by setting your thermostat to a schedule.” says Zstat CEO Christian von Stackelberg.

You can reserve yours starting at $70 in White, $119 for White-S and $199 for their Aluminum or Stainless Steel models on their Indiegogo campaign site: . Zstat will be free for many Gas utility customers by qualifying for a $70 off WiFi thermostat utility rebate (Stainless Steel will qualify for a $100 off rebate) for gasnetwork utility customers, limit 2 rebates per home. It also qualifies for a $25 off utility rebate under programmable thermostats for many Oil/Electric Heat/AC customers.

“At Zstat, our goal is to make a smart thermostat designed for everyone. Over 89% of all thermostats have no schedule on them.” says CEO Christian von Stackelberg “Just by getting your thermostat on a schedule can save the average home around 15% or $40-$400 per year. By getting a reliable Internet connection to such a critical energy control device, allows us to make it easy to help people schedule, save and achieve a fast return on investment.”
Zstat officially launched Jan 28th and hopes to raise $125k to begin US based production.

$70 - $200   BUY · SAVE
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