VIKS Urban Steel Commuter Bike

VIKS Urban Steel Commuter Bike

by Yoav
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VIKS is a urban steel commuter from Estonian bicycle brand Velonia. Still in semi-development phase, this re-creator of Estonian bicycle industry fills orders from Estonian to as far as Brazil. In some way VIKS defines bike design once again sleek but aggressive, minimalistic and for sure unique. It’s been said that VIKS is the pedal powered version of a caferacer.

VIKS is a design product, a handmade custom bicycle which stays low in production numbers. Made- to-order sizing and different color schemes are self-evident.

Viks was born in a small cafe, on a late autumn afternoon in 2012. Co-owner and designer of Velonia Bicycles Indrek Narusk, a mechanical engineer by education, wanted a new commuter bike, but didn't want to buy one from the shop. So the option was to build one. Not a boring one. Something different and unique. The images of cafe racer style motorcycles and minimalist classic lines started spinning in his head and soon there was a pretty clear idea, what he wanted.

Some sketching, hours spent on modeling in 3D, and they were ready to start the build. Once the steel tubes arrived, it only took couple of weeks and the bike was ready. Why VIKS? Well, in estonian viks“ means classy, gentlemanlike and at the same time it sounds "fixed", like fixed gear...

VIKS combines their passion for bike riding, healthy living and beautiful design in products that affect people`s lives in a positive way.

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