Foodini 3D Food Printer

Foodini 3D Food Printer

by Yoav
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Foodini is a 3D food printer that looks stylistically clean in any kitchen. A great looking appliance matched by its functionality designed for use every day, it helps create savory or sweet cuisine. The food is real food, made from fresh ingredients. Foodini promotes home cooking; it does not replace it. Foodini manages the difficult and/or time-consuming parts of handmade food preparation that often discourage people from cooking at home, like rolling pasta dough, filling ravioli, and crafting food in different silhouettes. One of our goals is to keep the food natural and appetizing.

Ranging from everyday foods to more elaborate creations, Foodini makes food with height and shape (e.g., chocolate 3D figures), or flatter foods (e.g., crackers). As it’s technically a 3D printer, you could say it prints food.

You can think of Foodini as an assembly (e.g., assembling ravioli, or printing food in a designed shape) and finishing appliance (e.g., plate decoration.) Foodini does not automate all your cooking, nor does it cook food. If necessary, it can keep food warm as it works as it contains a heating element. Foodini arrives ready for use (plug and play.) There is a touch-screen mini tablet that functions as the user interface embedded on the front of the device. The machine is sleek, and most of the technical moving parts are cleverly hidden from view.

Foodini envisions a future for 3D printed food that goes far beyond just chocolate or engineered food.

We live in a world where processed foods are readily available. But have you read the ingredient list on some of these products lately? The number of preservatives and unknown ingredients is prevalent. People are trending towards going back into the kitchen and making their own food. Making your own food (and knowing all the ingredients) is obviously better, but it does require more time from you in the kitchen versus opening a bag/box of something processed, frozen or already prepared.

Enter Foodini: it minimizes the time you need to spend in the kitchen to prepare fresh food that you may otherwise tend to buy as a “convenience” food.

You prepare the fresh ingredients (with the help of a blender, food processor, or prepared by hand), load them into Foodini’s food capsules, and watch Foodini print your chosen recipe. Or, take advantage of your free time and go do something else while Foodini works in the kitchen.

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