Rungu All Fat-Tire Bullfrog Trike & Suspension Bullfrog Trike

Rungu All Fat-Tire Bullfrog Trike & Suspension Bullfrog Trike

by Yoav
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Rungu Trikes from Standard Bearer Machines of San Clemente are the first to merge a tadpole trike with a fatbike to create the “bullfrog trike.” Like a tadpole trike, the rider has the stability of three wheels, but rides in a more efficient upright position. The rider steers with more stability over curbs and steps without any special skills or training. The upright position doesn’t compromise the ability to bank into a turn like other upright trikes. A rider can bank into a turn like riding a bicycle due to the shoulder-width distance between the two front wheels and the front suspension.

Standard Bearer Machines was founded in 2010 by a father-son team of engineers after coming up with the idea for the bullfrog trike. The idea came from experiencing the challenges of carrying a surfboard on a bike with a surf rack to a local surf break and having to dismount to push the bike up stairs and through deep sand.

The company experimented with several designs, and now Rungu Trikes roll through deep sand and up short flights of stairs. Rungu Trikes attract a lot of attention because of their image and utility. Surfers who see a Rungu Trike haul a surfboard trailer on the road often stop to ask “How can I get one?” Few walk by without commenting on how cool the Trike looks.

Rungu Trikes come in two models – Juggernaut and Kilimanjaro. The Juggernaut model has dual 4.7” tires in front to provide 50% more float in deep sand and snow than a standard fatbike. The Kilimanjaro model uses dual front-suspension forks with 29” mountain bike wheels for better handling around corners and smoother riding over obstacles. Both models use the same aluminum frame design that includes multiple mounting points for upcoming accessory releases, including a

The two models are available for pre-order through the website with pricing for the two models ranging from US$ 2,500 and US$ 2,900 depending on options.

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