Tubecore DUO Tube-Driven Speaker System

Tubecore DUO Tube-Driven Speaker System

by Yoav
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Tubecore Audio has announced the DUO; a tube-driven media streamer capable of intelligent human interaction and robotic control.

The DUO combines vintage style with modern design and hosts first in class features such as it's 48v integrated dual vacuum tube preamp and true RIAA phono input. The DUO is also the first home audio system to provide universal support for open-source embedded computing and feature the ability to stream all known media file types from all known devices, including uncompressed HiFi formats such as FLAC audio files via WiFi and Bluetooth.

DUO features a modular design that enables customers to infinitely modify and upgrade the system to suit their needs and support future technology upgrades, such as, communications advances with Bluetooth and WiFi streaming and DAC upgrades that support bit rates as high as 64 bit and 384 khz streaming.

It ships standard with the Raspberry Pi which enables the system to act as a HiFi media center capable of streaming HD movies and music via XBMC. DUO can also be upgraded to an advanced configuration thanks to a partnership with Seco to offer the UDOO board. This upgrade enables robotic control over the system's open-source hardware.

DUO Standard Features
• Analog, dual 12AU7 vacuum tube preamplifier
• 100 watts RMS Solid State power amplifier
• Full-range 4" drivers with spun titanium cones
• Hand built, grain matched hardwood cabinet
• Custom anodized, machined aircraft aluminum back panel with custom heat sink
• User programmable, full-spectrum tube LEDs, which feature 16 mil+ color combinations
• Universal support for embedded computing, shipping standard with Raspberry Pi and available UDOO board upgrades
• Single and Dual Arduino micro-controller configurations available
• Custom 24 Bit DAC (Digital-Analog Convertor), featuring support up to 192khz
• Bluetooth and WiFi streaming capabilities
• True RIAA support for phono input via record players and turntables
• Customizable acoustically transparent grill covers in 37 colors

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