Shortcut Everything with Ring

Shortcut Everything with Ring

by Yoav
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Ring is a wearable input device that allows users to type a text, control home appliances, and complete payment transactions within seconds.

Ring's purpose is to "Shortcut Everything," in that its users will have the ability to quickly perform numerous tasks with a single gesture. The Ring project began in 2014 and focused on the development of new gesture recognition technology and creating a small, ring sized product design.

Ultra-Smart Finger Gesture Recognition Technology

Ring only detects the movement of the finger that is inside and identifies the gesture being made. You can perform gestures regardless of time or place. There have been countless studies and development efforts spent on this technology to make the gesture recognition within Ring a reality. We were particularly focused on the improvement of the accuracy of recognition and power saving features, with Ring’s development.

Gesture Control
Each Application, has its own unique gesture mark, so when you want to use it, simply perform the designated action.

Text Transmission
Utilizing Ring’s precise letter recognition software (Ring Font), you can type letters anywhere, anytime. Now you can use Twitter, Facebook, or other social network features, send texts, and even change the station on your TV, by performing a simple gesture. Ring is also compatible with Google Glass and smart watches, giving you greater control over how you use it.

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