Lasso Self Assembled Felt Slippers

Lasso Self Assembled Felt Slippers

by Yoav
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Lasso are a fun, innovative and creative pair of slippers that make being at home more enjoyable. They are a really warm and incredibly comfortable pair of slippers that are easily assembled by you. They even better with age by shaping to your feet. Each Lasso slipper is made from a single piece of felt, with a leather sole. The flat pattern is shaped simply by sewing the provided lace through the corresponding pre cut holes. They are delivered flat-packed with laces of your choice and only take a few minutes to assemble.

Lasso is here to breathe new life into slippers! They will keep your feet warm year-round and will also impress your house guests.

Made in France by Gaspard, they were first envisioned in 2010 when Gaspard went to London to pursue his studies at the Royal College of Art. Tired to walk bare-foot,
 he had the idea to cut a spare piece of felt and sew it with his sneaker laces : the very first pair of Lasso slippers were born!

164 prototypes later the shape was perfected and the comfort optimized. Back in Paris, he offered a pair to his friend Ruben to try out and see how he liked them. After sewing in the laces and experiencing Lasso for the first time, Ruben called Gaspard :

"Mec, chaud patate !! On va les faire à Paris!" meaning Mate, they are so warm, we’ve got to make them in Paris!

So they started to look for a manufacturer and found the Sellerie Parisienne,
 at Villeneuve-Saint-Georges in the Parisian suburbs, a social enterprise that provides work opportunities for people with special needs.

The die was cast. 
It took a lot more discussions, coffees, pints, sewing and sweat to establish Lasso but eventually the Lasso slippers were launched on Kickstarter in February 2013 and managed to pre-sell 1852 pairs, so 344% of their initial target. Today Lasso is being worn in 43 different countries...

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