Anki Announces New Cars, Tracks and Race Mode

Anki Announces New Cars, Tracks and Race Mode

by Yoav
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Anki has announced two new tracks, two new cars, and a new Race Mode. Anki DRIVE uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to offer a video game in the real world. Each car has been engineered to think: It knows where it is, makes decisions, and drives itself. Using your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or iPad mini you can take control of a car to play against friends or AI cars.

New Cars
Designed by Anki and Hollywood legend Harald Belker, Corax and Hadion are the newest characters available for Anki DRIVE. Hadion is built for speed and is the only car that comes already equipped with Turbo Boost, which enables you to fly incredibly fast down the track. Corax is the ultimate warrior, with the option to mount multiple weapons. Watch out, he’s an aggressive one!

Both Corax and Hadion are available today for $69 from and will also be available in select retail stores in the coming weeks.

New Expansion Tracks
We’ve also added two new tracks to the Anki DRIVE collection: Crossroads and Bottleneck. These new tracks let you race and battle in ways that make gameplay more immersive and complex.

● Crossroads: This track blends hard corners with a challenging new obstacle. An intersection puts your driving skills to the test, requiring perfect timing and the optimum strategy to survive. Or blast your way to victory from across the track with a well-aimed shot at your opponent.

● Bottleneck: This track introduces a new set of challenges. The challenging bottleneck shape requires the perfect line to edge past your opponents. Timing is everything. Drop the throttle to thread the needle, or drop a Timed Charge to strike anyone behind you.

The Bottleneck and Crossroads tracks will be available for $99 beginning May 6 on and in select retailers, and can be pre-ordered on starting today!

Race Mode
Beginning today, you can add Race Mode to your Anki DRIVE play sessions. Just like in Battle Mode you use your weapons against your friends or AI cars, but now, it’s a race to the finish line. The first driver to 15, 30 or 45 laps wins. To start racing just update to the newest app, available now in the Apple app store.

You can get the Anki DRIVE starter kit from the Apple Store for $199.95.

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