Let Your Golf Clubs Follow You with the Stewart Golf X9 Follow Trolley

Let Your Golf Clubs Follow You with the Stewart Golf X9 Follow Trolley

by Yoav
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British trolley manufacturer Stewart Golf has recently announced the launch of a revolutionary new electric trolley - the the X9 Follow.

The company's engineers have taken the proven X Series chassis and given it a brand new heart: an all-new Bluetooth powered electronics system that allows the machine to follow the golfer at just the touch of a button.

CEO Mark Stewart said, "We are constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Our engineering team have worked extremely hard for more than 3 years to make the X9 Follow just as intuitive as the remote control models we're famous for. The X9 Follow really takes relaxation to a whole new level of luxury."

To use the 'follow' feature, all the golfer needs to do is press a single button on the new rechargeable remote control handset. Once the golfer starts to walk, the X9 Follow will stay a few paces behind them and match their walking pace exactly. It even holds its position going down hills, with the patented electronics system automatically varying and braking the twin motors to alter both speed and direction. The user friendly design means that between the golfer stopping at their ball to walking away again, no button presses are required.

The X9 Follow retains the slick look that consumers will be familiar with. Stewart Golf's engineers have been able to integrate two additional antennas under the distinctive X Series bodywork, so the only outward indication of change is a new badge and a blue LED that replaces the aerial.

As well as its "follow" mode, the X9 Follow also comes with full remote control functionality that existing customers will be familiar with. Golfers will now have the option of keeping the handset on the handle for manual control, using the remote control or activating the follow function. Mark Stewart added: "Using the follow feature is undoubtedly the most relaxing way to play, but if you're around the green or in deep rough then using the remote control to send your trolley to where you want it to be can be the most convenient option."

As with all Stewart Golf powered products, every X9 Follow will be hand-made to order in the company's Gloucestershire workshop, be powered by a high-quality lithium battery, and come with a full two-year warranty covering both the trolley and the battery.

Customers can pre-order the X9 Follow now, with the first deliveries expected in June 2014 and is available in 4 colours: Pearlescent White, Metallic Black, Metallic Silver & British Racing Green.

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