Lapa Bluetooth Low Energy Object Finder

Lapa Bluetooth Low Energy Object Finder

by Yoav
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There are certain things in life that you don’t want to risk losing and would do anything to get back: you lost sight of your puppy and it doesn’t know the way back home; the only copy of your dissertation is in a flash drive lost somewhere between your campus and your favorite bar; the bike you took so much time to build was stolen. And then, your kids. How great would it be to get alerted every time they leave your side?

The solution to all these problems is what makes the tiny Lapa a very complete object finder in the market, and the first truly social lost & found system. It allows you to trace and find anything you don’t want to lose even from afar, by attaching a Lapa to it and tracking it with the Lapa App. You can search for your things in private, or if you need extra help, ask for help publicly within the whole Lapa community, making it possible for all of us to help and be helped every time something gets lost.

Lapa works wirelessly, communicating with your Android or iOS smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0. You can control unlimited Lapas from one single account and choose your Lapas in three different colors: ‘Water Blue’, ‘Arctic White’ and ‘Asphalt Black’. The Lapa App identifies the different colors of your Lapas automatically, making it easy and fun for you to manage and organize them.

The great news is: while other object finders are limited to their own network, Lapa isn’t. Thanks to the unique integration with your social networks, Lapa easily enables you to ask for help to the hundreds of contacts you trust via Facebook and e-mail, whether they have the Lapa App or not. Lapa can also alert you if it falls out of your range, so you can relax knowing your Lapa will never leave your side without letting you know. Above all, you’re in control: only you can see where your Lapas are unless you explicitly share access to them or publicly report them as lost.

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