Kaufmann Mercantile EDC Bike Kit

Kaufmann Mercantile EDC Bike Kit

by Yoav
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Streamlined and efficient, our EDC Bike Kit keeps you on a roll with six every day carry essentials, including a pair of mini pry bars, hex keys and a compass. All tools are made in the U.S.A. Measures 5 x 1 ¼ inches.

Every day carry (or EDC) refers to a small collection of pocket-friendly tools that you carry on a daily basis for tackling situations both mundane and, when required, more urgent. The idea is to keep the kit simple with an eye towards self-reliance — you want items that do the most, while taking up as little pocket space as possible.

Whether you need to adjust your seat or change a tire, our EDC Bike Kit turns your keychain into an efficient cycling companion. There are two hex keys for on-the-road adjustments, a pair of mini pry bars for last-minute tire changes and a glow-in-the-dark compass for when your inner-navigational skills might have led you astray...

The corrosion resistant and rustproof quick release brass key ring gives you easy access to your house keys or puts your bike lock key at the ready.

The four and five millimeter hex keys with loop handles help to adjust your seat post and handlebars or tighten your brakes on the go. (Hint: For extra leverage, slide one key through the loop of the other to form a sturdy T-shaped handle.)

The water- and shock-resistant brass compass has a Lexan lens and glow-in-the-dark background for nighttime navigation.

The mini pry bars are made with industrial-grade, heat-treated steel. In a pinch, the two can be used to change a tire on the spot. Not much longer than a key, they can also pick, pry, score, cut, lift and pull apart a remarkable number of things, such as nails, staples, boxes...

The U-shaped brass key ring holds it all together and can be swiftly opened or closed, and looped onto a belt loop or bag strap.

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