Cylo One Bicycle

Cylo One Bicycle

by Yoav
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Meet CYLO One, the ultimate urban bicycle designed for performance, functionality and style.

“Born out of 18 months of design, engineering and passion, CYLO is our vision of the perfect urban bicycle. So simple you’ll wonder how you lived for so long without it.” says co-founder Eric. “It will take you right back to the feeling you had as a kid on hot summer days, freely exploring as you coasted down the street on your first adventure.”

CYLO One’s unique design is built for speed and all day comfort. It is the result of hundreds of design explorations based on our own experiences and feedback from friends who bike daily. “Everyone likes to go fast, it’s part of our nature. But not at the detriment of comfort.”, says Antoine, co-founder and Eric’s brother.

CYLO has embedded within the frame the most useful features for the ultimate urban riding experience. With integrated lights, you will always be seen. Lights should be integral to urban bicycles, not add-ons you forget to charge, get stolen or leave behind. Safety also important so CYLO embedded an accelerometer so the rear light will brighten as you slow down. Finally the carbon belt drive will silently get you where you need to go while keeping your pant cuffs clean.

“We will also be releasing new features in future products around embedded technologies that will make your life simpler”, says Eric.

“We wanted to make a bike that would make heads turn, a no-compromise machine for the discerning modern rider”, says Eric.

“Today people want to live closer to their work, friends and shops. For example, 24% of 16-34 year olds bike more now than they did just a few years ago.”, says Antoine. He adds: “We believe that cycling can help solve some bigger issues in urban mobility, health improvements, and better community living. CYLO will be a part of the solution.”

CYLO will be manufacturing their frames, assembling and shipping all their bicycles from Portland, OR — USA. The ability to oversee the frame production locally is very important to them to ensure they deliver a great bicycle. CYLO is currently aiming to release CYLO One for MSRP of $2199.00

CYLO designed the frame in partnership with in France.
CYLO is in the process of finalizing the prototype and will be launching a crowd sourcing campaign soon.

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