Sony SRS-X9 Ultra Premium Hi-Res Bluetooth Speaker

Sony SRS-X9 Ultra Premium Hi-Res Bluetooth Speaker

by Yoav
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Sony recently announced the SRS-X9 Ultra Premium Hi-Res Bluetooth Speaker, giving audiophiles easy access to rich, powerful sound in a sleek "Definitive Outline" design. The SRS-X9 High-Resolution wireless speaker system was developed in collaboration with Sony Music to bring clear vocals and bass-rich thumping tunes to any living space or on the go.

The SRS-X9 wireless speaker, supports High-Resolution Audio. Converting live music to digital formats such as MP3 or even traditional CD results in much of the original audio being irreversibly lost. High-Res Audio retains far more detail during the analog-to-digital conversion process, allowing listeners to experience music as artists originally intended. With 154W of music output power, a bi-amped subwoofer and dual passive radiators, the premium 2.1 channel system delivers full-range audio with tonal balance and precise bass response.

Massive Sound. Minimal Size.
154 watts, 8 digital amps, 7 speakers, engineered to deliver pure high-resolution audio bliss. Stream your favorite music from apps and devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. And together with Sony's best sound technologies, you'll enjoy the lowest bass and the highest harmonics in pure 192kHz/24bit High-Res audio. The X9 can even upscale your existing music to near high-res quality. Fill the room with sound, not speakers.

Discover High-Resolution Audio
What CD offered in sound quality and portability, it lacked in capacity. In contrast, MP3s enabled music transfer and sharing, but required compression leading to significant sound quality loss. Via lossless, digital capture of analog sounds, it's now possible to reproduce performances exactly as intended-the power of a live performance or the presence of a studio session.

Music Maximized
Revitalize your favorite music tracks with two Sony-unique audio technologies: DSEE-HX revitalizes high-frequency audio response and upscales existing audio signals (MP3, ACC, ATRAC, and WMA) to Hi-Resolution levels. Via, the SongPal APP, ClearAudio+ renders a vibrant sound field with immersive bass, full mids, and pronounced highs.

Enjoy Powerful Sound
Seven, specially-tuned speakers paired with dedicated S-Master HX digital amplification circuitry deliver faithful wide-frequency audio reproduction: Four Super Tweeters a Hi-Resolution sound stage, two Magnetic Fluid, Mid-Range drivers full melodies, while a Subwoofer with dual passive radiators brings a precise and powerful low end.

Wi-Fi Audio Streaming Flexibility
Embedded Wi-Fi audio streaming capability lets you access and enjoy the latest from Pandora, Music Unlimited, or Spotify even including your favorite iTunes content or the music files stored on your DLNA compatible PC or Home Media Server. Ethernet port also embedded for more stable network connection.

● Sophisticated sound with 154 Watts digital amplification
● Seven speakers for immersive sound (45 Hz to 40 kHz)
● Dual passive radiators and Magnetic Fluid Speaker for incredible sound
● Wi-Fi audio streaming with DLNA and AirPlay support
● Supports High-Resolution audio playback of AALC, FLAC, AIFF, and DSD formats

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