Craft Any Loose-Leaf Tea Beverage with the BKON Craft Brewer

Craft Any Loose-Leaf Tea Beverage with the BKON Craft Brewer

by Yoav
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Powered by BKON's patented RAIN technology, the BKON Craft Brewer allows beverage artisans to effortlessly target and optimally craft any loose-leaf tea beverage, and also innovate new third wave coffee and made-to-order infused cocktails menus.

The groundbreaking technology features Bkon’s Reverse Atmospheric Infusion process, which changes the pressure around the tea so the natural extraction process occurs in less than 90 seconds with more purity. The new technology – on the same playing field as an espresso machine in the coffee industry – allows every loose-leaf tea varietal to be delivered to consumers in a consistent manner with unmatched cup quality.

According to Dean Vastardis, Bkon co-founder, Bkon’s patented Reverse Atmospheric Infusion process infuses beverages through controlled negative pressure. "Other brewing methods and devices pull or push water through the tea,” he says. “Reverse Atmospheric Infusion actually changes the air pressure, so the soluble flavor elements and natural sugars are extracted more completely and with greater purity.”

Lou Vastardis, Bkon co-founder, notes, “Coming from a third generation coffee roasting company, we’ve been immersed in the specialty beverage industry since childhood. Indeed, the Bkon TX represents the beginning of the tea industry’s second wave.”

Bkon’s Reverse Atmospheric Infusion changes the physics of extraction by controlling negative atmospheric pressure during the infusion process. Gases are released from the pores of the tea to create a void for the water to infuse. The boiling temperature of the water is reduced to accelerate agitation at a molecular level. This process targets and extracts optimal elements of the tea at key phases of the brew cycle, producing a unique clean finish and full body mouth feel.

Beginning with tea, Bkon – through a strategic partnership with Swiss-based Franke Coffee Systems – will extend the Reverse Atmospheric Infusion across multiple craft beverage categories, from coffee, to spirits and beyond. Bkon’s primary patent has 18 years of life and represents one of the most significant advancements to the beverage industry since pasteurization. In addition to the foodservice systems Bkon will bring to market with Franke, the company plans to disrupt and innovate the single-cup home industry, vending and ready-to-drink beverages.

● Optimally brews over 60 cups an hour
● Stores of 200 recipes
● Brew chamber self cleans after every use
● Service and warranty covered by Frankie Coffee Systems

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