Kamerar KamPro Handle Kit

Kamerar KamPro Handle Kit

by Yoav
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Capture every moment of your adventure with the Kamerar KamPro. The KamPro is perfect for a variety of outdoor activities, from skateboarding, surfing and skiing, to cycling.

Grip Setup
Great for run and gun, hand stabilized. The large plastic molded handle makes working with small cameras more ergonomic and stable when shooting video.

Articulating Setup
Capture video from a whole new perspective and get those creative angles.

Monitor Setup
Your own personal portable monitor for your rig. If your camera has wifi, simply add in a compatible phone and you now have your own portable monitor to view and control the camera.

Dual Setup
With a dual camera set up, you can capture two different frame rates at the same time, shoot prime and behind the scenes at the same time and capture photo's and video at the same time.

Tripod Setup
With the detachable hand grip design, you are able to remove the mount from the hand grip and attach it to any tripod mount with a standard 1/4-20" thread.

The Kampro Kit consists of a few parts that can be combined in several ways to create novel and useful methods that the kit can be utilized. On each threaded pivot arm, there is a 1/4-20 thread to possibly add a friction arm, a LED light, or a microphone.

● Large molded handle
● Articulating setup
● Use a phone as your own personal monitor
● Dual setup
● Tripod Mount Setup

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