Eva Solo To Go Grill

Eva Solo To Go Grill

by Yoav
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With the portable To Go Grill, it’s easy to grill anywhere – on the balcony, in the woods or even on the beach. The small charcoal grill is the perfect size for smaller dishes such as prawns on skewers, vegetables etc. or a couple of steaks. The handles on the grill stay cool, even when the grill is hot. At the same time, the lid handle makes it easy to carry around. The grill is supplied with a practical strap which holds the various parts together when it is being transported or stored. The grill can be closed with a lid, which doubles as a dome cover when the grill is lit. After use, the coal bucket is easily emptied of ash and the grill is easy to clean.

Eva Solo imparts exclusive Danish design to everyday objects in the home. Simplicity, distinct lines and a high degree of functionality characterise the products in the collection.

The series is divided into the following categories: cooking, serving, living, bath and outdoor. All in all, an extensive selection of tools and utensils so you can surround yourself with outstanding design throughout your home.

The To Go Grill is made of enamelled steel with silicone handles. The grid is made of chromium-plated iron, while the strap is made of nylon. The coal bucket and grid are dishwasher-safe. The To Go Grill is 40 cm high and 32 cm in diameter. The grid is 27.5 cm in diameter.

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