Trident Iceni Magna

Trident Iceni Magna

by Yoav
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The Trident Iceni represents the culmination of a dream to produce a Grand Tourer with unique features and innovations. Dedication, enthusiasm and belief have driven Norfolk based Trident to pursue its Torque Multiplication innovation, allowing compatibility with the new Euro 6 emissions legislation, due in 2014 (for CO2 and NOx) as well as
investigate a greener engine whilst maintaining a performance-driven philosophy.

To maximise the potential of Torque Multiplication, the Trident Iceni has a mid front mounted 6.6 litre turbo diesel
engine, complete with common rail, direct injection, 4 valves per cylinder and a variable vane turbo. The basic engine (using their own control module - ECU) at standard specification produces 397bhp and 700lbs/ft of torque. Figures of 430bhp with 950lbs/ft of torque and 660bhp with 1050lbs/ft are attained with performance package upgrades.

To handle this power, Trident has designed and manufactured its own gearbox and differential (trans-axle). The gearbox is a fluid drive to 1mph then locks up to manual, has 6 gears as standard, though a paddle-shift option is available, making the Iceni a two-pedal car. The differential has a 10” crown wheel and pinion, with a geared true track limited slip function.

The chassis is formed from special grade stainless steel (4003) and, whilst an unconventional material choice, gives
an extremely strong structure with class-leading torsional rigidity - it comes with a lifetime guarantee (100 years).
Incorporating a central, longitudinal spine, rollover bar and strategically-positioned folds and shapes, the chassis
affords unsurpassed driver and passenger protection from front and rear impact. The Iceni’s twin-baffled pontoon
(50mm) outriggers provide the side impact protection.

The car incorporates over thirty-nine bespoke, designed and manufactured components including wheels, seats,
air-vents, instruments, door-pulls, handles, occulight roof panels, lights, glass, grilles, gearbox and differential for a
truly unique performance motoring experience.

The second of their three car Iceni range is now shown in the gallery and is called the Trident Iceni Magna. The first Iceni, the Convertible has only been shown as the base model with three engine upgrades, the Magna is their fastback model showing their first phase of body options ( front and rear wing vents, side exhausts and twin venturi's through the bonnet ). The twin venturi's are only available with their under development compound twin turbo engine option.
The second phase body options will be shown on the launch of their third model in the Iceni range planned for the new year.

● 6.6ltr Turbo Diesel V8
● 6 Speed fully automatic
● Pro Flex fixed damper fast road shocks with Eibach springs
● 395bhp with 700lbs ft of Torque. 0-60mph 3.7sec, Top Speed: over 190mph
● CD/DAB Receiver with MP3 and Bluetooth
● ABS, TC, Driver & Passenger Airbags

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