The Nomad CNC Mill

The Nomad CNC Mill

by Yoav
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CNC machines are capable of making beautiful parts – if you know how to use them. The Nomad 883 is not just another CNC milling machine – it was designed it to make machining something that normal people can do. All of the complexity of traditional CNC machines is handled in the background.

This is only possible because of a highly integrated hardware and software, something that isn’t possible if you have to go find your own software to run the machine. The Nomad 883 includes all of the hardware and software you need to take your 3D file and make a part. Uncertainty and frustration has been taken out of the equation, just open the box and get started.

Turn Your Desktop Into a Workshop
The Nomad 883′s small footprint makes it perfect for a home-office or studio, and it’s also a capable CNC machine for any workshop. Fully enclosed for sound suppression and dust control the Nomad 883 is a stable smooth-running machine especially with the vibration dampening plastic that was added in key areas. Sit at your computer while the machine is working in the background and you’ll hardly know it’s there.

Use Multiple Materials (Unlike a 3D printer)
3D printers are great machines but they have limitations when it comes to making products you can actually sell they give you a narrow choice of materials (mostly ABS and PLA) that are not well-suited for volume manufacturing. CNC Machines are much more flexible. Here’s a small sampling of the type of materials The Nomad can work with:

● Plastics – ABS, acrylic, Delrin/acetyl, polycarbonate, HDPE/LDPE
● Wood
● Brass
● Aluminum
● Tooling Board / Renshape
● Machinist Wax

The Nomad 883 is ready to go the first time you power it on, and comes with everything you need. In addition to MeshCAM and Carbide Motion, The Nomad 883 also ships with spare bits and plenty of stock for your first project. Setup is a breeze so you’ll be up and running in minutes instead of spending hours wiring motors and configuring settings. The Nomad 883 has an embedded motion controller, so all you need to begin making 3D parts is a Mac or Windows computer with a USB port.

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