SureFire ARC-2 Searchlight

SureFire ARC-2 Searchlight

by Yoav
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The SureFire ARC-2 utilizes an ultra-high-output HID lamp and a deep precision reflector to create a high-candela, high-lumen beam with unprecedented luminous intensity and reach––out to 2,000 meters. This portable searchlight, which detaches from its handle for easy vehicle mounting (with an optional SureFire Universal vehcile Mount), is perfect for border patrol, search-and-rescue, maritime, and similar extended-range applications.

ARC-2 can be powered with either of two optional rechargeable lithium-ion battery handles: an 8.25” handle for 80 minutes of runtime, and a 10.75” handle for up to 120 minutes of runtime. It can also be powered continuously––and quickly recharged in 90 minutes to 80% capacity––via its optional international AC power/charger cable or its optional DC vehicle power/charger cable that’s comptible with 11- to 32-volt sockets.

ARC-2 also accepts a variety of optional screw-on colored filters, such as amber for cutting through fog and smoke, making this portable, powerful searchlight one of the most versatile illumination tools ever produced by SureFire.

• Field-replaceable HID lamp has no filament and lasts thousands of hours
• Deep reflector creates extended-reach beam
• Integrated ballast provides instant hot restrike
• Powered by optional internal li-ion rechargeable battery handles or via optional AC or DC power cords
• LED fuel gauge on rechargeable battery handles lets you know charge status
• Mil-spec-anodized aluminum body built for extreme use
• Pushbutton switch is shrouded to prevent accidental activation
• Threaded to accept colored or protective filters


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