ORBIT Conical Clock by Philippi

ORBIT Conical Clock by Philippi

by Yoav
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The ORBIT conical clock is a true eye-catcher, as the time turns the clock. The aluminum cone rotates around its own axis; a ball takes over the hand function on the clock’s face. ORBIT requires exactly 12 hours until it reaches its initial position.

Extraordinarily designed products for those living life to its fullest – that’s what PHILIPPI stands for. Premium living accessories, travel companions and gift ideas from Hamburg match the stylistic sense of fashionable, sophisticated clientele and convey a clear message: great design is nurtured by reduction to the quintessential and ideas for its timelessness.

No frills, no superfluous lines, no chasing after fugacious trends! Instead, novel designs, elegant-puristic shapes, unparalleled material and unsurpassed functionality. Jan Philippi’s passion is to interact with designers and manufacturers, in search of the perfect form, and handle each individual product of his brand – that’s what the company’s boss strives for; always.

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