North Korea Travel App (No Joke)

North Korea Travel App (No Joke)

by Yoav
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Ever wonder what it's like in the most secretive country in the world? Well thats all now possible with the North Korea Travel app brought to you by Uniquely.Travel, a travel technology startup that aims to make visiting seldom visited destinations as easy as possible.

The flagship North Korea Travel platform combines an app containing the world’s most comprehensive guide to North Korea with a unique price comparison and travel information system that gives you everything you need to make and book your trip to North Korea.

App Functionality
• Up-to-date information and HD photos on over 350 different places of interest and accommodations across the breadth of North Korea: Attractions, Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Museums, Nature Spots, Sports, Shops, and Cafes.
• Exclusive "Tour Guide Tips" give you insider information on every single place you can visit, all written by a British guide with over ten years’ experience working in North Korea
• GPS map information lets you see what's nearby each place, presented for the first time ever by leading North Korea maps expert Curtis Melvin
• Itinerary building functionality allows you to "Favorite" places in the app to build a custom tour -- and then get competitive price quotes from leading North Korea travel agencies
• Search and compare group tours offered by leading North Korea travel agencies -- and save money on your trip through the in-app credits system
• A phrasebook includes all the words and sentences you'll ever need to get by on a trip to North Korea
• History, Society and Culture guides written by leading experts provide insight and background on North Korea's unique position in the world
• An ethics Guide written by Dr. Andrei Lankov gives a comprehensive look at the pros and cons of visiting a country like North Korea
• Offline mode allows for full app functionality when travelling to North Korea without roaming fees

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