Lynktec First Rechargeable Fine Point Active Stylus for iPads

Lynktec First Rechargeable Fine Point Active Stylus for iPads

by Yoav
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Lynktec's new Rechargeable Apex stylus is the first fine point active stylus to integrate a lithium ion rechargeable battery in its design. Inspired by early adopters who use their iPads and other tablets for digital note taking, the Apex Fine Point Active Stylus line was designed to give the ultimate pen-to-pad writing experience with easy functionality at a competitive price point.

“Since our successful release of the first battery powered Apex which was funded on Kickstarter in November of last year, we have been working on developing a version that integrates recharging and other key features that have been requested by our customers,” commented Lynktec Co-Founder, Bob Martin.

Like the original Apex, the Rechargeable Apex achieves over 90% reduction in tip size compared to most passive styluses on the market and does not require a Bluetooth connection or the use of any specific apps to function. The Rechargeable Apex is easily powered on and off by pressing the integrated pocket clip switch. The stylus also boasts power saving circuitry that automatically shuts off after 30 minutes of inactivity. The stylus comes equipped with a micro USB charging cable designed to work with any computer USB port or universal USB AC wall adapter.

“Fine point active styluses are fundamentally changing the way users interact with their iPads, Tablets, and mobile devices,” continues Martin. “With the Rechargeable Apex and the wide variety of note taking apps to choose from, users are taking the next step towards a paperless world. We are very excited to be one of the first in this competitive and rapidly growing market space to offer these powerful tools that touchscreen users crave.”

Other characteristics of the new Rechargeable Apex include its smooth, satin chrome finish with black accents, extended length and comfortable grip, and its precise 2.3mm firm conductive polymer nib. Lynktec is also working with app developers to offer in-app specific Apex stylus selection options which result in additional precision and smoothness when selected. This feature is available now in the popular note taking application ZoomNotes.

The Rechargeable Apex is compatible with the iPad Air, iPad 2/3/4, iPad Mini, and many popular Android tablets. A list of recommended apps can be found by visiting this link.

Precise Fine Point Active Stylus
2.3mm tip delivers a realistic pen-to-pad writing experience on all iPads and many other tablets.

Built-In Rechargeable Battery
Integrates a lithium ion rechargeable battery for extended life. Charge the stylus using the micro-USB to USB cable included in package.

Automatic Shut Off Feature
Power saving circuitry automatically shuts off after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Press Button on Clip for Easy On/Off
Button on clip changes colors when battery is charging, low, or depleted.

Replacement Nib Storage Inside Cap
Includes spare conductive polymer nib for extended use.

Works with Any Application, No Bluetooth Required
No special software, attachments, or cables needed to function.

Compatible with iPad 2/3/4, Air, Mini, and More
Works with all iPad models as well as many other popular Android devices.

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