Sleep Better with the Saffron Drift Light

Sleep Better with the Saffron Drift Light

by Yoav
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What happens while you sleep has a huge impact on your life. People who don’t get enough sleep have problems making decisions, solving problems, being productive, controlling their emotions, and coping with change. They are also at greater risk of major health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

The Drift Light helps you get to sleep in two ways:

First, it is designed to slowly dim over a period of 37 minutes, the length of an average sunset. This gives your mind and body the time it needs to relax. Most specialists recommend spending around thirty minutes before bed doing relaxing activities. It also gives your body the gradual shift from light to dark that helps it to prepare for sleep.

Second, the Drift Light uses a much warmer light than other light sources. Any light has been found to suppress melatonin, a sleep promoting hormone, but blue light is especially bad for sleep. By using a warmer light, the Drift Light will make it much easier for your body to get to sleep.

● Aluminium heat sink allows for Drift Light to run cooler than CFL or incandescent bulbs
● Drift Light works with any standard Edison socket
● Easy-Set, Auto-Dim Micro Controller
● High Efficiency LED Light Source
● Plastic Diffusing Cap

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