Twelve South HoverBar 3 for iPad, iPad Air and iPad mini

Twelve South HoverBar 3 for iPad, iPad Air and iPad mini

by Yoav
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Twelve South has announced HoverBar 3, the next iteration of their flexible arm made exclusively for Apple iPad. Like its predecessor, HoverBar 3 attaches to any ledge up to one inch thick in your home or office, allowing you to enjoy iPad hands-free in ways you never imagined. The third generation HoverBar includes three iPad Fit Clips to hold iPad (2nd – 4th gen.), iPad Air and iPad mini. HoverBar 3 also includes a handy display stand to use when your iPad is away from HoverBar.

HoverBar 3 can be attached to the edge of a table, desk, bed frame, kitchen cabinet, right next to your Mac and any other surface up to one inch thick. The flexible arm attaches to surfaces using a sturdy, padded, easy-on/easy-off clamp. Once attached, HoverBar 3 holds all current iPad models for hands-free use. Bend the flexible metal arm to position your iPad for FaceTime collaborations, to create an instant workstation, for a DJ stand or as a secondary touchscreen computer. Half the fun of HoverBar 3 is discovering new ways to use and interact with your iPad.

HoverBar 3 makes an excellent kitchen appliance. Clamped onto the kitchen countertop or under a cabinet, this helping hand holds iPad above the spills and mess while you stream cooking videos, shows or follow recipes. Since the sturdy arm is held in place by a padded clamp, it doesn’t require any screws or drills, and doesn’t leave any marks on your cabinets or countertops.

Inside the HoverBar 3 box, you will find three iPad Fit Clips. This one iPad accessory works with iPad Air, iPad mini, and iPad (2nd-4th generation). If you have multiple iPads in your home or office, everyone can use HoverBar 3. Mom’s iPad mini, Dad’s iPad Air and that iPad 2 handed down to the kids can all be used with HoverBar 3.

“iPad can be so much more than a portable tablet – but the first thing you need to do is get it out of your hands,” said Andrew Green, Creative Director of Twelve South. “Using HoverBar in your kitchen, office or bedroom really transforms your iPad's usefulness. Now with separate clips to fit iPad, iPad mini and iPad Air, just one HoverBar can hold everybody’s iPad in the house!”

HoverBar 3 also includes a bonus Kickstand that can be attached to the back of each of the included Fit Clips. When somebody else is using the HoverBar 3 arm, you can snap the Kickstand onto the back of the Fit Clip attached to your iPad for hands-free use of your tablet. HoverBar 3 lets you – and those around you – make the most of owning an iPad. Discover new ways to interact with your iPad.

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