Braven BRV-X Rugged Bluetooth Speaker

Braven BRV-X Rugged Bluetooth Speaker

by Yoav
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The Braven BRV-X, is the world’s first rugged Bluetooth speaker featuring TrueWireless technology and features an exclusive frequency tuning ability to maximize sound quality and volume in indoor and outdoor environments. Braven's TrueWireless technology enables easy wireless pairing with a second BRV-X for an amazing left and right stereo sound using two BRV-X speakers.

Having had the chance to check it out first hand one of the things we first noticed was it's solid construction. This thing is built well and even weatherproofed which is an additional bonus. The BRV-X takes the next step in outdoor HD wireless speaker design by combining the latest in audio technology with the ruggedness needed to withstand drops, bumps, rain and more. It comes equipped with custom HD drivers, omnidirectional passive bass radiator and an indoor/outdoor switch that adjusts audio output to fit its surroundings to maximize sound quality and volume.

The second thing that really stood out after using the BRV-X was its outstanding battery life. Probably the second most important aspect of a portable speaker after sound quality. The BRV-X pumps over 12 hours of continuous HD sound, is IPX5 water-resistant rated, and can charge USB devices such as smartphones, cameras and GoPro with an integrated 5200 mAh power bank; giving users the convenience having a portable backup battery. The BRV-X is also equipped with a built-in noise-cancelling speakerphone that allows you to take calls even when camping by the river, and comes with a heavy-duty strap to easily secure the speaker on bicycles, all-terrain vehicles, tents and more.

All in all what we most liked about Braven's BRV-X was its look and all around good feel. It was cool to see the continues progression Braven has been making and working so hard towards with their line of speakers. The BRV-X is bigger, louder and better-sounding that its predecessor the BRV-1. We are excited to see what will be next from Braven.

● Comfortable convenient buttons
● Strap connection
● Rugged shock proof build

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