Live Steam Video with LifeLogger

Live Steam Video with LifeLogger

by Yoav
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The lifelogger camera is small enough to wear unobtrusively ….. but powerful enough with it’s WiFi capabilities to “live stream” and share your memories anywhere in the world. With full 720p recording and a100-degree wide-angle lens you’re guaranteed excellent “first person viewing”. Your friends will have a front row seat to your life at the push of a button!

With 32GB of memory, a rechargeable battery and 8 hours of video storage, it’s practical and versatile. When holding the camera, one of the biggest challenges has always been capturing smooth footage. Even small movements are quite noticeable. So you’ll love the clear, clean footage achieved with an internal stabilizer that takes the “blur” out of your shots. A built-in GPS and compass lets you view your exact location on a map and retrieve it at any time based on co-ordinates.

The LifeLogger Android/IOS App allows you to setup your device, input your cloud login credentials, manage recorded data, tun ON and OFF livestreaming as well as showing battery status and memory status.

The app is seamlessly coupled with LifeLogger's cloud. Once you are done with recording, your video content is either automatically uploaded or you can choose to manually upload the videos you most like. Lifelogger has put a lot of effort to make the app interface natural and extremely easy to use.

The Lifelogger camera uploads directly to the cloud with its own WIFI, the videos are not stored or uploaded through your phone, the APP uses your phone only for settings and status update.

Using Lifelogger Camera you can live steam video (provided you have WIFI connection around you) to any desktop, tablet or smart phone. The opportunities to use this feature are limitless. You can utilize this feature for personal broadcasting or for more serious business applications. Your only limit on how you can use the live streaming is only your imagination, there are truly hundreds of scenarios where live streaming directly from your point of view could be really helpful.

You do not stream only video - you stream your GPS coordinates as well as compass data (heading) , GYRO and voice. The viewers of your broadcast can see the full picture of where you are, what are you doing and what is happening around you.

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