Teknion Conflux LED Light

Teknion Conflux LED Light

by Yoav
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Conflux illuminates architecture and space, work and life. Conflux is a comprehensive line of lighting designed to drive optimal capability from advanced LED technology and to distribute light via a simple form appropriate for modern office environments. Created by designer Carl Gustav Magnusson, Conflux is a visually and technically sophisticated solution for use throughout the office as a desk lamp, floor lamp or under-shelf lamp.

A model of clarity and simplicity, Conflux supports the architectural intent of the space in which it lives through a quiet, composed presence. Its slender profile never adds to visual clutter. Conflux also sustains aesthetic unity with Teknion furniture and the Complements program of ergonomic and workflow accessories.

LED technology raises the bar for lighting in the contract market by meeting a wider range of basic needs. It offers a compact size, controllable light and a lower thermal temperature. The light also reduces energy consumption, offers a life span of up to 50,000 hours and, at end of life cycle, the potential to recycle materials. Conflux condenses this complex technology into a light that is simply beautiful and a pleasure to use.

The multiple advantages of LED lighting over traditional light sources — lower cost, long life span and smaller environmental footprint — are transforming the landscape of office lighting. Conflux advances LED technology a step further with an industry-first flat panel light with added benefit:

● Produces a better quality light with less shadows and minimal glare.
● Innovative micro-etched light guide diffuses light over a larger area, eliminating multiple shadows.
● Warm white light closely replicates sunlight, providing a superior quality of light over fluorescent bulbs.
● Requires only 9 watts of power to generate 800 LUX of lighting, significant improvements in efficiency.

Conflux elevates the aesthetics of LED lighting. With its refined lines and precise details, Conflux suits any architectural context and acts as an antidote to the visual clutter of busy work areas. The simple anodized aluminum profile incorporates subtle arcs that soften its angles, while the control console of molded glass has an appealing luminosity and tactility that invite the user to connect with the light.

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