Pulse Dimmable LED Light with Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Pulse Dimmable LED Light with Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

by Yoav
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Pulse by Sengled is an integrated LED BR30 down/can/track-light with wireless JBL audio speakers. Simply install the Pulse like any other light bulb, wirelessly connect the Pulse from any Bluetooth-enabled phone, tablet, or PC, and immediately enjoy your favorite media apps in your kitchen, living room, patio, or wherever there is a light socket.

For even greater control and enjoyment, download their IOS or Android mobile app to control light/sound intensity, audio equalizer modes, and launch your favorite media apps (e.g. Pandora, Spotify, Tune In Radio, etc) directly from the Pulse mobile app. Compared to traditional desk-top Bluetooth speakers, the Pulse is a space saver because it is integrated into light bulb socket. It also does not require any power cords or speaker cables.

The Pulse delivers better quality since it is a true multi-channel audio system that is distributed over multiple speakers, whereas most desktop Bluetooth speakers generate sounds with little to no spatial separation.

● 2.4GHz JBL Bluetooth Speakers/LED Lights screw into any standard E26 socket.
● Wirelessly connect Pulse to any Bluetooth-enabled device to enjoy light and sound.
● Bluetooth transmitter freq. range of 2.40-2.48GHz.
● Transmitter power: 4dBm, 30 feet
● 1.75" Full-Range High-Fidelity JBL Loudspeakers with surround sound effect.
● Downloadable Pulse iOS/Android App provides complete control.

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