ClipR Bluetooth and NFC Wireless Audio Adapter

ClipR Bluetooth and NFC Wireless Audio Adapter

by Yoav
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At only 1.625 inches in diameter, ClipR is fully a NFC enabled and Bluetooth 4.0 receiver meant for your home stereo, headphones, car, speaker, you name it if it has a 3.5mm jack. ClipR Bluetooth Dongle delivers rich audio sound wireless from any NFC-Bluetooth enabled device. It is rare in such a compact and versatile package. For use in your home or outdoors and with incredibly small size, the ClipR is perfect for music, phone calls, or games. Clip on and Rock on with the built in clip that attaches to any surface. Wireless connect your world with superior wireless performance.

Rugged ClipR
Coated with a special rubber polymer that is rugged enough to to be used when ripping the slopes or running the trail – fully splashproof. The size of a half dollar, the ClipR is small and compact enough to be discreetly clipped anywhere for on-the-go use.

FutureConnect with Near Field Communication
Carefully engineered, its Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC (near field communication), produce a rich audio sound transmission to any audio output. Connect in seconds with NFC or pair with Bluetooth wireless from any NFC/AAC compatible device: iPad, iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices. Through a careful design process maximizing sound output without sacrificing sound quality, ClipR's FutureConnect is one of the main features that allow you to experience your music like you never have in a Bluetooth adapter. Range of up to 30 feet. Fully Wireless, Fully Portable, meant for any setting (indoors or outdoors). Pairs up to 6 devices.

ClipRControl allows you to control your audio right from the device. With built in controls on the front and side, you can control tracks, volume, and phone calls right from the touch of your finger. The total audio control is in your hands and gives it all to you in one single device.

ClipR was designed to be used in all settings in your home, on the road, or even outdoors. It is so small you can clip it to your shirt, pants, shorts and barely even notice it. The size of a half-dollar, this is truly a wireless adapter that is best in class. Coated with a special rubber polymer, it is rugged enough to be used when ripping the slopes or running the trail.

● Bluetooth Adapter for 3.5mm devices | Meant for outdoor use
● Wirelessly Connect headphones and stereo
● Built in Noise cancellation Microphone
● 10 Hours of Talk/Listen; 33 Feet Distance
● 1.625" round x .25" deep

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