EMAD 600W Sidewalk Surfter Electric Skateboard

EMAD 600W Sidewalk Surfter Electric Skateboard

by Yoav
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The guys over at EMAD are Florida's Electric Skateboarding enthusiasts. First avid wakeskaters they later checked out the sport of Electric Skateboarding when bad weather kept them off the water. It turned out that Electric Skateboarding was GREAT, but they needed better boards that they could ride anywhere.

They used their design, fabrication and electrical engineering backgrounds to develop the EMAD Boards. They are really perfectionists so they adopted the motto “avid design, high quality, and great reliability (and POWER)". This motto defines EMAD Boards and guides them for future developments. You can probably catch a glimpse of EMAD Boards at wakeskating events with Scott and Parks riding them.

Sidewalk Surfer 600W
The Sidewalk Surfer has a 600 watt motor with cooling fins that provides one of the highest on board power source for any street board. It accelerates from 0-15 in 3.5 seconds! - Interference-free wireless controller with forward, neutral and brake and sealed batteries for northern or southern boarding.

The Sidewalk Surfer has a range of 7-10 miles and is the only 600 watt board that offers LED Battery Life Indicator.

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