Grillo Portable BBQ by formAxiom

Grillo Portable BBQ by formAxiom

by Yoav
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Spontaneous decisions are the spice of life. We celebrate friendship, precious moments and the simple things. This is the idea behind Grillo: the portable barbecue.

Grillo can be used casually for spontaneous meals with friends at any time of the day, without having to plan and pack endless cooking accessories. With a single movement, the stainless-steel barbecue can be deployed and ready to use without any sort of assembly.

The mission was to design a ultra-portable barbecue which is not only light and very packable, but also offers a substantial cooking height and safe structure. To do this, a whole new direction needed to be taken beyond what the portable barbecue is today. After much exploration, the unique umbrella-like folding method was discovered. The simple, sturdy tripod footing is most suitable for uneven surfaces and the flower-petal cooking surface is not only artistic but also has the ability to fold itself into a miraculously small package.

Another key feature is the unique “Fire-Hammock”, a flexible stainless-steel ring-mesh construction which is safe for any kind of solid fuel. The breathable texture allows for the fire to be ignited from underneath and can achieve a strong heat in a short amount of time. Nevertheless, the tripod structure stays cool to touch.

With its slender folded form, the Grillo has numerous advantages over conventional barbecues. Not only is it easier to carry and store, but is even easier to clean. Simply hold the folded structure together, dip the cooking surface in water and scrub with a common cleaning brush.

The unique Grillo form is purely a result of its function. It resembles the warmness typical fire, it is the centerpiece of good times with friends.

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