Thompson Tactical Craftsman Gun Belt

Thompson Tactical Craftsman Gun Belt

by Yoav
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Thompson Tactical wants to get back to when things were made with high quality and hands were the main tool. But along with high quality, they want to be different from others for the right reasons. Not just to be different, but to have a purpose behind it.

The first reason is that their belts are hand stitched utilizing a "saddle stitch," which traditional saddle makers use because of its incredible strength in tough environments. This stitch is countersunk into the leather to prevent the rubbing of the threading against your holster. This is very important to prevent damage to the thread when putting on your holster or other items. The Saddle stitch is also known as the strongest stitch in the world and so we stand behind it. It takes about 5 hours of sewing alone to finish a belt. But despite the rigorous stitching process- the results are incredibly superior to that of a sewing machine.

Another great thing is that they install 4 Chicago screws near the buckle for maximum pull strength unlike others who tend to only use two. This also allows you to swap out the buckle in the future if you choose to.

Thompson Tactical highly encourages you to look around online and check out other belt makers. While there are several great gun belt manufacturers to choose from, they believe whole heartedly that their belts will stand the test of time better. Through better materials and time honored handcrafted traditions, they are confident you will come back after your search and give one of their belts a try.

Thompson Tacticals standard belt size is 1.5" in width, with two layers of 7-9 oz of premium leather saddle stitched together which also features waxed linen thread. Current turnaround time for a belt is 2-3 weeks until shipped.

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