Otocycles Retro Style Electric Bicycles

Otocycles Retro Style Electric Bicycles

by Yoav
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Otocycles, Barcelona craftsman electric bike comes in the market with two models inspired by the bikes of the fifties. Classic Design, Otor and Otok opt for sustanaible movility with bold retro style and a sporty. Ideal for getting around town, Otocycles weigh about 23 kilos and have a very quite engine with autonomy of 40 to 65 kilometers.

The brand electric bikes are known for their craftsmanship, wich allows custormer to customize your model by choosing from a wide range of colors and components Otocycles no two alike. The firm also has models in stock for those who can not wait to move with style and respect for the invironment.

Otocycles creators are a Barcelona family of engineers with over 15 years of experience, passion for bikes and sustanaible mobility.

A Sustainable Future
The firm began to develop as a hobby in the garaje of a mechanical engineer to assemble and disassemble amateur bicycle since childhoot. First designed a bicycle frame, then added a motor and with the help of his father, craftsman layout, was adding details that resemble retro classic motorcycles until he finished take shape in what in now Otocycles.

Just Otocycles born, yet already working on open market nationally and internationally, where sustainable transport is booming, especially in the U.S. and Japanese markets, where ebikes are having a great reception.

Otocycles already working on the design of new models 2014 collection.

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