Impress Your Friends with Flatev: A Fully Automatic Tortilla Machine

Impress Your Friends with Flatev: A Fully Automatic Tortilla Machine

by Yoav
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Summer is here and its time to bust out the chicken fajita wraps. Everybody loves tacos and burritos or a super chunky quesdillas. So if you love tortillas and want to get your Mexican on then you're going to love the Flatev, a fully automatic tortilla machine that uses pre-filled dough pods similar to coffee and espresso-filled capsule machines.

Flatev is expanding on the global trend of offering individual portions in capsules or cups. Their revolutionary preparation system allows for the quick and effortless preparation of tortillas and other flatbreads. The preparation system starts with a fully automatic tortilla machine and the corresponding dough-capsules, which enable anyone to make a wide variety of traditional fresh tortillas in an easy and fun way.

A variety of different flavors are available and they even have a gluten free option. According to their website there is also a honey, chili and cheese option. Flatev even as has a carousel feature that lets you insert a few dough pods at the same time when friends and family are over so you can keep the tortillas coming.

Avaliable now for pre order Flatev will retail for anywhere between $200 and $300 sometime in 2015 and their dough pods will be sold separately for about 90 cents a pop.

Flatev is committed to offering premium products at the highest standards with higher margins and extraordinary service.

• Authentic freshness
• Quick and hassle-free cooking
• Wide variety of flavors and styles
• Consistently delicious

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