Thonet Grub Audio System

Thonet Grub Audio System

by Yoav
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Every home entertainment needs an audio aid to make the most of it. Grub is the perfect fit, with its attractive and captivating style it adapts to any room. The perfect way to complement great sound quality with incredible style. Grub has an output power of 48 watt RMS, 20 watts in the central speaker and 14 watts in each of the satellites. Perfect for watching movies , video games and music with excellent quality and potency.

Sounds Quality
Grub is known for its great bass response. Its great acoustic structure allows a great reproduction performance on the entire frequency range. Flexible and dynamic, it will deliver an exquisite balance to your shows, movies, video games and favorite music..

Grub stands out with its retro design, inspired in last century devices, with exquisite progressive details. Past and future converge in this speaker, where the curved line primacy helps to soften its robust size, exactly 270 x 325 x 185 mm. Art with technology, this speaker makes a statement in the room.

Wider FX
Wider FX technology produces a broad, extended and surround sound. By using cutting edge components , which maintain its frequency response outside its central axis. This allows enhancing the stereo effect, creating a surround effect sound. Immerse yourself in a new listening experience.

Howl Bass
Howl Bass technology extends low frequencies delivering a more natural, deep bass and surrounding sound. This development makes it possible to reach well-defined bass in a compact size, offering a powerful sound in your living room. You can experience the sound like in a real theater.

The central speaker has a 5.25-inch woofer made entirely in lignin cane fiber. This natural polymer is ultra durable and lightweight, allowing the driver to optimize performance. The upper suspension ring is made of rubber, allowing greater displacement sensitivity.

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