TIK: The World’s Leanest Keychain

TIK: The World’s Leanest Keychain

by Yoav
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If your keychain is a bulky and you keep it in your pocket, then you probably have noticed how uncomfortable it can be. Especially if you are doing something active. Well TIK plans to change that with the world’s thinnest and lightest keychain made entirely from recycled bike chains.

Your keychain is a personal statement: it's a fix item among your everyday carry. Your phone, wallet, watch, pen or notepad already has a sophisticated design but keychains are still ugly and primitive objects. They shouldn’t be.

Incredibly Thin
The real estate in your pocket is extremely limited hence very precious. 80% of TIK’s surface is as thin as possible: no thicker than your key’s blade. And the rest 20% (the chain structure) is only 2mm thicker.

When it comes to comfort, weight is the other major factor. Why would you carry the weight of an extra pebble every day? When you are in motion -– walk or run – the extra bulk is even more disturbing. The TIK construction saves a whooping 40% weight compared to the same set of regular keys with a standard keyring. There is no lighter construction on the market than this.

It’s achieved by questioning the basic structure of a keychain and trimming the fat. Did you know that 75% of your key’s mass is useless? But only if the useful part is bonded into a genius structure.

Enhanced Functionality
The patent pending TIK design integrates the stripped-down keys into one lean unit. This not only keeps their original function but enhances it by providing larger grip surface and greater leverage for every individual key.

Thinner, lighter, more effective. Also less noisy: good news for runners!

Minimalist key organizers usually keep only a very limited number of keys. TIK is a modular system where the number of integrated keys is unlimited. The best part? The thinness remains the same, no matter how many keys are in the unit.

Recycled Chains
A worn out bicycle chain is useless for riding but perfect for TIK because the worn pivots have no influence on its performance. With TIK the chain can re-incarnate – instead of ending its life in a landfill.

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