Polk Audio Hampden Powered Desktop Audio System

Polk Audio Hampden Powered Desktop Audio System

by Yoav
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The range of music available from today's smartphones, tablets and computers, as well as online music services, offers an endless supply to explore and enjoy. Because of all these digital sources, Polk designed the Hampden’s USB input to bypass the lower quality digital-to-analog converter built into most computers. A higher quality converter in the Polk Hampden optimizes this critical function for the best audio possible.

Each driver and tweeter is driven by its own dedicated amplifier for greater dynamic range and clarity. Individually amplifying the drivers and tweeters adds an effortless character to the Hampden’s performance that translates into a greater sense of realism. And by eliminating passive crossover components, we reduce the distortion, phase shift and other undesirable by-products inherent in such systems. A powerful Digital Signal Processor (DSP) smooths frequency response and creates greater bass extension. Your music and movies simply feel more alive.

Designed for Today's Wireless Sources
Hampden employs the latest advances in Bluetooth wireless technology with apt-X to ensure the music on your smartphone or tablet, and other compatible devices, is delivered at near-CD sound quality.

DJ Stream. Music Sharing for Mobile Devices.
Polk’s exclusive DJ Stream App enables up to 4 mobile devices to seamlessly build a playlist from songs on mobile devices.

A Bookshelf for Your Desktop
Polk Hampden loudspeakers use a 1" soft-dome silk/polymer tweeter and a robust 4-1/2" mid-woofer with stiff, lightweight composite polypropylene cones. Driver and tweeter are housed in a bass-reflex teak veneer enclosure with downward-firing port. This combination of drivers and enclosure creates a rich, warm sound much like a pair of bookshelf loudspeakers. We’ve even made the cable between the two speakers easily upgradable by using 4-pin Euro-style connectors known for making solid, dependable hookups.

It’s slightly Laid Back, but That’s Good.
Most desktop loudspeakers aim their sound directly at the listener’s chest, putting you in an off-axis position and compromising tonal balance. The Hampden’s “laid back” angle aide directivity, sending all the sound to your ears.

● Designed to bypass lower quality digital to analog converter built into most computers
● Higher quality converter optimizes this critical function for the best audio possible
● Four channel amplifier
● Designed for today's wireless sources
● Employs the latest advances in Bluetooth wireless technology with apt-x

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