Roolen Breath Ultrasonic Cool-Mist Humidifier

Roolen Breath Ultrasonic Cool-Mist Humidifier

by Yoav
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Roolen's mission is to design unique and innovative products that the marketplace has never before seen. The design teams at roolen are dedicated to deliver the best engineered and designed products, that allow our customers a wonderful experience.

Breath is the first of several products that they have designed. Every component they create is precisely manufactured, to offer the very best in design and functionality. Breath is designed from scratch; not a copy of the competition, but designed every part using the best materials available, from the small components on the circuit board to the misting mechanisms and the totally elegant design. Roolen is continuously thinking about new features to make your life easier with their innovative products.

The Most Intelligent Humidifier
With it's Auto mode feature, Breath automatically adjusts the device to a humidity level that best fit your surroundings. Making every single drop of water count. Breath does the work so you can focus on what is important to you.

Small in Size, Big in Capacity
For effectively prolonging the time of humidification, roolen’s engineering team precisely designed the interior of breath, maximizing the water tank capacity to 3.15L. It needs just one touch and one filling of the tank for a longer and more comfortable living environment.

High Quality
In order to produce the best misting output system, the roolen team self-designed the circuit board. Every component is carefully selected, exceeding market standards and designed with a highly efficient fan that automatically detects humidity levels. They meet and exceeded all high standard qualifications because every single detail is taken into account.

Breath is designed for intuitive operation. All unnecessary buttons, switches, and cumbersome water tanks that are on traditional humidifiers are eliminated. You also don’t need to keep watch on the current humidity level. Simply select the mode that best fits your needs and Breath will do the rest to ensure a cozy environment.

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