Striker Capsule Task Light

Striker Capsule Task Light

by Yoav
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Striker has announced their latest innovation, the Capsule Task Light - four lights in one. This multipurpose light can be transformed into four different types of essential lights when attached to one of the multi-functional accessories. The Capsule is one of the most versatile lights found on the market today.

The Capsule is a powered LED module that can be used alone, or in coordination with one of the four accessories. Attach the Capsule to the head strap, and it functions as a headlamp. The magnetic base enables the Capsule to rotate, lock, and aim light, hands-free, in any direction while it is magnetically attached to a ferrous surface, or simply resting on non-magnetic surfaces. The spring steel clip attachment allows the user to clip it to a belt, pocket, or tactical vest to function as a right-angle work light. Finally, the lanyard accessory secures the Capsule to the user’s wrist, allowing it to rest comfortably in the palm and be used as a flashlight.

Adjustable Elastic Headband
Rotate 180 Degrees and Lock Securely.

Magnetic Task Light
Rest on a Flat Surface or Magnetically Attach
Rotate, Lock, and Aim Hands-Free.

Right Angle Light
Spring Steel Clip Accessory - attach to
pockets, gear straps, and equipment

Handheld Flashlight
Wrist Lanyard Accessory
Easily adjust light output

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