Quickly Repair Your Bicycles Flat Tire With Patchnride

Quickly Repair Your Bicycles Flat Tire With Patchnride

by Yoav
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Quickly permanently and safely repair your bicycles flat tire with patchnride, the first tool of its kind. Patchnride requires no experience and allows the users to repair a tire in under 60 seconds. Never be stranded on a long bike ride or lose your lead in a race again. This is a revolutionary product that is extremely simple to use. A no-brainer solution to an age old problem.

The patchnride Leak Detector is a brand-new, unique product that locates punctures in any tire with the formation of bubbles almost instantly. The patchnride patch pods are akin to cartridges that hold the final patch for your bicycle tire. Once a patch pod is used, it will need to be replaced.

Patchnride also helps the environment. Every year, 20 million inner tubes are tossed into landfill sites. You can go green by using patchnride and can start patching instead of tossing.

Patchnride pre-sale items are available through their website. Click on the buy link below for details. The tentative shipment date for the first patchnride device is September of 2014. Included in the pre-sale patchnride tool, which fixes your flat tire without having to remove the wheel or replace the inner tube, are 2 Patch Pods and 2 Leak Detectors.

Members of the patchnride, LLC team are long-time supporters of the Blazeman Foundation for ALS. Proceeds from every patchnride sale will be donated to the Blazeman Foundation.

● Hassle free tire repair
● Requires no experience
● Repair tire in under 60 seconds
● Comes with leak detector

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