Nocs NS2 Air Monitors V2

Nocs NS2 Air Monitors V2

by Yoav
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Nocs' state-of-the-art NS2 Air Monitors have revolutionized the music industry by combining AirPlay, Bluetooth and Spotify Connect in one set of Active speakers. NS2 Air Monitors allow you to stream your favorite tunes wirelessly via Mac, PC, iOS, Android or WP8 turning your device into the ultimate music experience.

No more settling for poor audio from built-in laptop speakers and dock systems. No more cables crisscrossing your home or office. The NS2 is a high-quality hi-fi solution in a robust package, rendering lesser systems obsolete.

AirPlay, Bluetooth and Spotify Connect allow you to wirelessly stream music throughout your house and enjoy it anywhere, anytime. And since Apple Lossless is the conduit between the streaming source and the NS2, your music will sound pristine, just as the artist intended. A deep, accurate bass accompanied by well-balanced mids and reveling highs gives the NS2 a rich, natural sound that you’ll never get tired of.

"In a time where music streaming is exploding we are delighted to announce the NS2 Air Monitors v2. Still hand built, still sounding awesome, we have now made sure that all platforms can enjoy the NS2 Air Monitors. The adding of Spotify Connect and Bluetooth really complements Airplay – NS2 is an ace product that we are extremely proud of. To celebrate we have added a limited edition in Faded Green."

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