iPunch: World's First Smart Combat Gloves

iPunch: World's First Smart Combat Gloves

by Yoav
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iPunch is the world's first pair of smart combat gloves. Their gloves have embedded sensors that let you know how hard you're punching and they have built the iPunch app around their gloves to help you become a better boxer.

Simply start the round, put your phone in your pocket and review your punches at the end. Your round will be saved to your iPunch profile and synced to our site, allowing you to track your progress and share your workout stats. The iPunch Trainer gives you directions to punch along with. The instructions progress as your punching, so they'll always be challenging. It's a great way for new and experienced boxers alike to work on their skills.

"Among the tools that are becoming available to help fighters hone their striking skills is a unique and innovative bit of technology from the folks at Responsive Sports. It's called the iPunch glove, and it looks to be a treasure trove of useful data that athletes and trainers can put to use in working out strengths and weaknesses in striking." - iPunch

If you want to quickly compare your punching power against your friend’s then compete in our Test of Strength. You each get 3 attempts to land your hardest punch to decide the winner. Bragging Rights included.

● All data transfer happens over Bluetooth
● 15 hours of continuous battery power
● iPunch charges via USB
● Easily interact with your smartphone while wearing gloves
● Gloves are made of wipe clean Rex Leather

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