Cyclus Pangolin Backpack

Cyclus Pangolin Backpack

by Yoav
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Uniquely designed Backpack inspired by the Pangolin animal. Cyclus is a Colombian based company that designs, manufactures and commercializes fine designed quality accessories, made principally out of tire inner tubes obtained by a group of people helping collect throughout repair shops and roads all over Colombia.

They obtain tires thanks to a group of people helping collect throughout repair shops and roads all over Colombia. Upon arrival, the tires are washed and cleaned with bio-friendly products and completely biodegradable catalysts. Once ready for manipulation, the tires are then incorporated into the cutting process.
Each tire is unique, and the most appropriate one is chosen for each piece, considering aesthetics and its caliber. Depending on the final product, they select its location and configuration within the material for final cutting. Each product model is made up of a number of pieces which, once cut, are marked and assembled for sewing.

Trimmers are the people in charge of completing the sewing process with machines. This team trims the product pieces using non-conventional materials. They have developed effective techniques that guarantee product quality. The product is cleaned and polished with the goal of giving it an ideal finish. Before being labeled and packed they are submitted to final quality control in order to ensure a functional and lasting product.

● Polyester lining
● Made out of reused tyre inner tubes
● (Award winner) Retractable layers closure with magnets
● 13 liters capacity / Side Reflector
● Airflow Back channels for comfort and ergonomics.
● Each article is one of a kind.

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