Logitech UE 984-000304 Boombox Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Logitech UE 984-000304 Boombox Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

by Yoav
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The Logitech UE Boombox is for people who live for music and understand how powerful it can be. That’s why their perfectly balanced UE Sound Signature delivers clear and detailed sound from four custom-tuned drivers, wirelessly. Easily connect to your Bluetooth-enabled devices and enjoy rich, clear sound. This advanced technology is packed into a portable boombox with an aluminum handle and rechargeable battery. So everywhere you go, the power of music is with you.

Wireless Done Right
● Amazing sound plus Bluetooth wireless freedom
● Use your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet to control music from up to 50 feet away1
● Easily pair up to eight Bluetooth devices to the speaker

Take Turns Playing Music
● You and your friends can connect up to three Bluetooth devices at the same time
● Switching between devices is as easy as pressing pause on one device and play on another

Elegant, Durable Design
● Clean industrial design with stainless steel grill and sleek curves
● Rugged toughened-rubber casing helps protect your speaker when you’re on the go

Hours of Unplugged Power
● Internal rechargeable battery—play up to six straight hours of music anytime, anywhere2
● Roam from the kitchen to the bedroom or patio with uninterrupted music
● Easy recharging and 24/7 power with included AC adapter

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