Quirky Refuel

Quirky Refuel

by Yoav
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Refuel is a smart propane tank gauge that connects to the Wink app on your mobile device. Nothing puts the kibosh on a cookout faster than an empty propane tank. With Refuel, you'll never get caught off guard. This super smart propane tank gauge connects to the Wink app on your mobile device so no matter where you are, you’ll always know when it's time to refuel.

Use it to monitor your propane supply from afar, track tank usage, and get alerts when it’s time to refuel. Its slick magnetic sensor also displays the gas level, so you’ll always know when you’re running low.

● Refuel allows you to monitor your propane supply from anywhere
● Refule sends you alerts when your tank is running low
● Magnetic sensor has an LED readout that displays your gas level.
● Works on all grills with non-hanging propane tanks
● Included in the box, Refuel base unit, Refuel sensor (with magnetic back), Four AA alkaline batteries, Screwdriver
● Required for use (not in the box), Wi-Fi, Wink app, Mobile device with Internet access, Standard 20 lb. propane tank for outdoor, grills with non-hanging tanks
● This item is compatible with the Wink home automation system and can connect to several other items to control and customize your home with automated rules, shortcuts, & more, all with no monthly fees

Whenever your smartphone's not handy, just tap Refuel's sensor to display an LED reading of the gas level. Got the green light? Grill on, grill master.

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