Normal Custom 3D Printed Earphones

Normal Custom 3D Printed Earphones

by Yoav
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Normal ceo and founder nikki kaufman was tired of poor-quality earphones that didn’t fit. After going through dozens, she looked into having a custom pair made. What she found was an exhaustive process that involved a visit to the doctor’s office, uncomfortable silicon molds, a three week wait, and a $2,000 price tag.

As a founding member of Quirky, a consumer products company whose mission is to “Make Invention Accessible,” Nikki was exposed to leading advances in 3D printing, production and manufacturing. She knew there had to be a way to create high-quality, better-fitting earphones, with a more accessible price and process.

Her solution is Normal: an innovative brand selling tailor-made, premium earphones. Customized by the user and ordered via a free mobile app, Normals are fully personalized for each user’s ear, engineered and 3D printed in New York City, and delivered in as little as 48 hours. The company is a leader in using 3D printing technology to mass produce a consumer product, changing the rules (and future) of American manufacturing.

Normals are engineered to fit each individual ear and fully customized by each user. The personalized fit allows a more precise delivery of sound. Built with high quality drivers and components, Normals offer a premium listening experience. Whether users are walking, running, working out, or simply relaxing, Normals’ personalized fit means the earphones stay comfortably in place, guaranteed.

Normal is powered by the best advances in 3D printing and mobile commerce. Each pair is engineered, manufactured, and assembled in New York City and is shipped and delivered in as little as 48 hours along with its personalized carrying case – all for $199.

Normals are truly tailor-made. Using Normal’s mobile app (available on iPhone and Android phones), users take photos of each ear (no two are alike) and are led through a customization flow to design their earphones. There are infinite ways to personalize Normals and countless possible design configurations. The earphones are then tailored to fit each user’s ears and assembled to reflect his or her customization choices. No two Normals will ever be the same.

Once an order is submitted, Normal assembles the components according to the customers’ selections and uses 3D printing to personalize the fit of each pair of earphones. This all happens out of their Chelsea flagship. The company
is one of the first to use 3D printing to mass produce a consumer product, changing the rules (and future) of American manufacturing.

Normals can be ordered from absolutely anywhere at any time. Because Normals are made inhouse, each order is engineered, manufactured, assembled, and delivered in as little as 48 hours. Normal makes it easy to buy tailor-made earphones.

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